So, you've been asked to make a presentation...

Does it matter what it looks like?

  • We think it really does matter
  • We think it makes a massive difference to how you are perceived by your audience, whoever they may be

But PowerPoint and Keynote are easy peasy...

...lemon squeezy!

To a degree, yes.

Anyone can throw a few slides together but it takes a bit more skill and polish to give your message the attention it deserves.

Just 1 hour could make all the difference!

Just show us your presentation – there really is nothing to lose…

Who are we?

We are a network of design professionals on the same mission... rid the world of mediocre presentations.

(We use our PowerPoint for good, not evil!)

What we do

We design presentations from scratch...

...following an existing template or creating a custom look, making you feel like the bee's knees!

Either way you end up with a unique, professionally designed presentation.

We understand how important your corporate style is and work hard not to upset your Brand Champions!

We tidy up or ‘re-draw’ existing presentations...

...we can take a presentation you already have, give it a cuddle and send it back refreshed and brimming with re-draw love!

We work whatever way suits you best.

We interrupt this website to bring you a brief TweetFlash!

How it works (in 4 easy steps)

Show us your briefs...

...send us an existing presentation, an outline or just an idea.

We'll let you know... much it will cost and when you can expect it back.

We sprinkle the fairy dust...

...and return it to you full of re-draw sparkle and ready to go.

You choose how to pay us...

...we're sorry but you really must!

Invoice, card via PayPal or magic beans.*

*OK, we lied about the magic beans!

Making you look good makes us feel good.

Contact us

email us... or

Request a callback... us your number and we'll gladly
call you back!

Give us a call...

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